The Studio

Soupstudio runs the recording studio on Lightship95, equipment list and all other info is available on their website: 

Built in the guts of a 550 tonne, 75-year-old ship the studio is a classic room within a room design; the internal structure being completely isolated from the steel hull by rubber mounts.

The live room is over 500sq ft, with natural light, excellent natural acoustics, great for drum recording and big enough to comfortably record a band live. The large vocal booth and amp booth allow for good separation even with loud guitar amps. There’s a stack of vintage valve amps to use as well as various guitars, basses, pedals, cymbals, and drums.

The 300sq ft Control Room is a carefully designed mixing room, light and comfortable with plenty of room for bands, hangers on, managers and all your i- paraphanalia.

The lounge and kitchen are on the main deck level, all the usual stuff. Outside there’s plenty of space to smoke fags, have bbq’s and sun yourself.

Located on Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. Well connected, easy to reach from inside and outside London, 1hr from Dover. Several reasonably priced hotels nearby, free parking, American Diner, Cafe, great views, fresh air and a drawbridge.