Shoot Location

Deck areas, including the Tower as well as a variety of internal spaces are available for hire as a location.

Rates vary greatly depending on availability, purpose and the areas/services required. Please email or call +447817247661 to discuss your needs.

The Lightship is one of the last riveted steel vessels to be made in the UK, beautifully  and  painstakingly constructed. Images in the Studio and Ship galleries’ show some of the detail, features and textures of the ship; providing a unique, interesting backdrop for Fashion, TV and Film shoots.

There is also the option to shoot from the river, coming up to and around the ship and from the beach beneath at low tide.

Inside the studio area we have lighting bars installed in the ceiling, full playback facilities and in-­‐ear monitoring for those who dislike the aesthetic of studio headphones. Natural light comes in from a single source and is easily blacked out.

Green room facilities are available and a Café and Diner are close by. Power is single phase and plentiful. 3 Phase power can be arranged.